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How it Works

Ogoole is a direct communication channel between parents, teachers and school with the help of advance technology. Ogoole provides instant updates on every actions like attendance, daily assignments, time table, exam results and many more functions so now no need to visit again and again any  institution instiutution websites or portal for your kids’update. Just download Ogoole in your smartphone and it will provide you all the info

App available for Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.
Also available on Amazon App Store and Gallery App Store.

Key Features

Ogoole is apowerful app contains mega features which is essential to know about your beloved kids when they are in schools.Instant real time notifications on Class attendance, Notices, Home works, Daily time table, Class tests, Exams results live interaction to school through text massages making ogoole very unique and powerful tool for parents and school.

  • Class Room Student’s Attendance

    A perfect blend of technology to properly keep a record of the student’s attendence  in a monthly presentable outlook with detailed view of the present, absent and leaves and get instant notification after their beloved kids reach into classroom.

  • Circulars & Notices

    Instant alerts on any circular/notice from school and also complete archive there of with option of later view and track.

  • Daily Homework

    Now the digital dairy is always with parents with daily homework details and assignment given by class teachers so parents can directly monitor the day to day activity for better progress.

  • Examination Results

    As soon as any Class test or Exam results will be announced parents will be notified instantly and have complete details of Exams results on their fingertips.

  • Daily Teacher’s Attendance

    Teachers will be under direct radar of school administration by their digital attendance records with detailed view of the attendance in the current academic year including presents, absentees and leaves.

  • Live Chat system

    With this powerful tool parents can directly send their query to school and school will text them back similarly teacher parents and school can be connected through the own internal live chat system.

  • Fees management and fee notices

    Now the complete fees details is always there with parents in case of any fee related notice school can directly flash important notice on parent’s mobile.

  • Payment management

    Now parents can make the payment just by clicking few taps on Ogoole.


  • Layba Abdelrahamn

    As parent I am using this app its really great, when I drop my child at school door and attend my office I get instant real time attendance which gives my 100% satisfaction of kids safety.

    Mr Basheer

    Its really helpful app as I am able to track my kid’s schools activity on real-time basis which is helping me a lot to improve my children performance.

    Mrs Fatima

    I loved this app as I can see my daughter every hour attendance flashing on my mobile apart from that I am able to ask anything related to my daughter performance through live chat system.


Ogoole is Smart Institution management App used around the world to facilitates the parent teachers and institutions. It provides real time updates on every school actions so parent will be always alert on their kids performance factors like Attendance, Daily home works Class Test Results Exam results Etc.

Parents will get instant notification and massages on app for every actions taken by school like

  • Attendance,
  • Homework,
  • Time Table,
  • Exam Schedule
  • Daily , Monthly Annually any kind of Test results
  • All exam reports
  • Instant Notifications for any kind of school circulars (like School Close, Exam Postponed, General time Changes)
  • Fees details and records

  • Teacher and kids Performance monitoring on real time basis
  • Parents are always aware of their kids activity at school
  • Parent’s involvement make their kids performance better as a result overall School performance will  become really great
  • Direct Communication with parents for kids performance
  • Direct Communication with parents for Fees ( As Notification, Massages late fee reminder and all)
  • Parent will directly pay the bills by clicking few taps on app in a result payment collection methodology will become very efficient and hassle-free. 


Kindly download our app available on Play Store and App Store.

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